Ryan Dempster tweets he needs a ‘devil’s lettuce care package’

And Dempster will claim his Twitter account got hacked in 3… 2…

Judging by the looks of this somewhat confusing tweet, Texas Rangers pitcher Ryan Dempster needs to either bring someone (and their father) a package of marijuana or someone who runs his Twitter account needs to bring a package of weed to Ryan (and his father). 

Don't hold your breath though because whoever composed the tweet doesn't seem to know what "devil's lettuce" is.

Now, before we jump to any conclusions, keep in mind that the Twitter account is for Ryan Dempster's foundation, so it could be some naive intern who tweeted out the incriminating tweet.  Or it could be Ryan referring to himself in the third person because he is high as balls.  Your guess is as good as mine.  Whatever the case, Dempster better hope that the Rangers and MLB don't take notice of the tweet or he might have himself some 'splaining to do.

Just to add to the intrigue, Dempster is starting for the Rangers tonight, so be sure to freeze frame on any close ups of him to see if his eyes are bloodshot and/or if his jersey is stained with Doritos dust if you really want to get to the bottom of the mystery of whether or not the package showed up in time.

UPDATE (because I know you are on the edge of your seat): The tweet was posted via TXT, strongly suggesting the guilty party sent it to Twitter by accident and has yet to realize what they've done.  This should be fun.

UPDATE TWO: And there's our claim of a hacking!

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