The most nightmarish ballpark bobblehead giveaway of all-time

I never thought we would see the day where the ZimBear would be topped, but sure enough, the Orem Owlz went and did it with what has to be the creepiest bobblehead giveaway of all-time.  Actually, I should say it is a bobble-three-head:

Or maybe I should just say nightmare fuel.  The intention here is for the FrankeBobble to represent former Owlz "greats" who are current Angels, Orem's parent club.  It is one part Jordan Walden's throwing arm, one part Peter Bourjos' legs and one part Mark Trumbo's batting arm and then all of their heads in one horrifying amalgam.  What Orem's PR department is thinking is beyond me, but keep in mind that this is a team that recently permitted their mascot to announce a pregnancy test on the field during a game.

The giveaway isn't until August 28th, so if you are near the Orem area or a big horror fan or just want to watch small children cry when they are given this as they enter the stadium, you best get your tickets now.

(Via Orem Owlz PR)

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