The worst Rangers fans in the world

Jimmy Trania of Sports Illustrated just tweeted out this video that depicts a pair of people who are among the worst kind of fans at a baseball game: adults who go crazy over balls into the stands, and deprive children of a fun moment.

Really? I mean, really? The young child is bawling his eyes out while his parents (or siblings, whatever) try to console him, and you’re sitting there laughing because you got the ball and he didn’t? The subsequent replay showing the grown adult laughing about getting the ball that was clearly intended for the child is just pathetic. 

If the fans involved were frat boy/valley girl types, maybe I could understand the behavior a little bit. But the man involved is clearly up there in years, and really should know better. He was probably showing off to his younger female companion trying to gain some man-cred or something.

Have no fear though, fans. Traina later tweeted that another fan (not those fans…another one) ended up giving the child a ball. Thank god for that. Let this be a lesson to all fans out there: if you’re an adult and you’re going to scrape and claw for a foul ball, at least give it to a child afterwards.

Joe Lucia

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