The Yankees don’t understand basic economics

In this New York Post article, the Yankees are apparently pissed off about StubHub ticket prices. Namely, that they’re too low. The cheapest tickets for next week’s series with the Orioles are going for as low as $2.50 each, and the team is angry that fans can just go to StubHub and buy tickets for cheaper than on the Yankees website.

Now, ignore the fact that tickets on StubHub have *already been sold*. There are over 7,000 tickets available on StubHub for each of the three Orioles games next weke. If these tickets aren’t sold, the Yankees still get the money from the tickets, but they’ll have empty seats. Now, if you’re a fan, and you want to go to a game against a team like the Orioles…why would you want to pay full prices, when you can get them for much cheaper on the secondary market?

The Yankees (and other teams, like the Angels) apparently want StubHub to set a floor for ticket prices. What good would that do for the site? It would absolutely destroy their main revenue stream and selling point. If StubHub set a floor for ticket prices that was the same price as what the team is selling the tickets for, why in the hell would anyone want to use the site? 

The team has history with the site as well, as during the 2006 season, the Yankees actually sought to *revoke* the season tickets of fans who sold their unused tickets on StubHub. Essentially, the team is saying “if you can’t make it to a game for whatever reason, TOUGH! EAT THOSE TICKETS!” Seriously?

This is absolutely, completely ridiculous behavior from the Yankees. You’d think they want to pack as many seats as possible instead of just letting the seats remain empty during the undesirable games. Well, apparently the Yankees want the seats full….but only if they sell the tickets. 

Say I want to go to the Orioles game next Tuesday, May 1st. I want to sit right behind home plate. On Stubhub, I can buy a pair of tickets in section 120B, row 23 for $108 apiece. Or, I can go on the Yankees site, and pay….$250 apiece for row 22. Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay an extra $284? The problem here isn’t StubHub, the problem is that ticket prices around the league are TOO DAMN HIGH. People want to go to games, they just don’t want to have to start selling organs on the black market to afford decent seats. This really isn’t rocket science, and the sooner that teams like the Yankees see that, the less problems we’ll have at the end of the day.

Joe Lucia

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