This Braves holiday card is extremely creepy

Baseball season may be behind us for the winter, but that doesn't mean teams aren't sending out holiday wishes to their fans. Many teams have been sending out videos to their fans wishing them a happy holiday season, and while many of the videos online haven't been updated to reflect 2012 yet, the Atlanta Braves have updated theirs and sent the video out to fans…and boy, is it a doozy.

The animation in this video is reminiscent of Blue's Clues, right down to the talking inanimate objects in goofy voices. The talking bat in the first few seconds of the video sounds a lot like Towelie from South Park. Braves players Jason Heyward, Brian McCann, and (I think) Chipper Jones are all animated, with only Heyward having a speaking line or being identified. 

The premise behind the card is a little flawed too. Essentially, the gist of the commercial is "it's fun to hang out with family and friends during both the baseball season and the holiday season, so it's always baseball season!" Well…isn't that true for any time of the year? It's always great to spend time with family or friends, be it baseball season, the winter holiday season, football season, St Paddy's Day, or whatever. Does that mean that you can link every season together just because of one common trait? I dunno.

Though things could be worse. You could be a Marlins fan, and have a commercial where Billy the Marlin is the star of the commercial, and there are more shots of cheerleaders with pom poms than actual baseball players.

Joe Lucia

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