VIDEO: Torii Hunter collides with umpire, nearly spikes him in eye

Home plate umpires seem to be dropping like flies when the Angels are involved.  Just last week, Bill Miller got hit in the mask by a Zack Greinke pitch and suffered a concussion that twice caused him to lose track of the count.  That incident was more odd than anything, but tonight, things got downright scary in Anaheim.

Angels outfielder Torii Hunter was attempting to score on a double and contorted his body to try and sneak under the tag by the catcher at home plate.  As a result, Hunter went tumbling past the plate and errantly cleated home plate umpire in the face, knocking over Gibson and opening a gash dangerously close to the umpires eye.  Check out the play for yourself, but be warned that there is some blood involved.

Gibson was forced to leave the game and received stitches to close the wound, but was otherwise no worse for the wear, luckily.  As scary as it was to watch, it was even scarier for Gibson who reportedly told Hunter he stayed down as long as he did because he wasn't sure his eyeball was still in his head.  That's got to be a terrifying feeling.

For what it is worth, Hunter was called out on the play although Gibson never made an actual signal.  Unfortunately, that prompted Torii's son to comfort tweet this super sensitive reaction to the play.

You stay classy, Torii Junior.


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