VIDEO: In the minor leagues, the mascots can get pregnant

Weird things have long been known to happen in the minor leagues.  Teams adopt bizarre nicknames, hideous logos, oddball mascots and ridiculous ballpark promotions.  But all of that pales in comparison to what the Orem Owlz (see, they spell it with a "z," that's wacky!) just pulled off.

This last weekend, the Owlz brought their dual mascots, Hootz and Holly, onto the field to make a major announcement:

Yes, that's right, Holly went and got herself knocked up and yes, that was an owl pregnancy test, and no Maury Povich was not involved.  Lest you think anything untoward is going on, Hootz and Holly were "married" at home plate three years ago.  This is the state of Utah, after all, they can't have even a hint of impropriety going on, even if it means that anthropomorphic owls, oops, I mean "owlz" are getting it on somewhere in the recesses of the stadium.

The best part is that this is only just the beginning as the happy couple is expecting to welcome their little bundle of foam-rubber joy on Opening Day of 2013.  Surely we will be treated to the owlet hatching right on the diamond, but hopefully they opt to forego having new momma Holly feed the baby regurgitated mice in front of the packed stadium.

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