VIDEO: MLB playoff hype goes Gangnam Style

One of the latest (and greatest) memes online today is "Gangnam Style", a Korean dance music video that has exploded since being released on Youtube in the middle of July. For the record "gangnam style" is apparently a synonym of more American terms swag and YOLO…OK, I'm feeling very old explaining all of this.

Anyway, there have been a ton of parodies and such popping up online, and now, a baseball version has been created. Gordon Mack of the MLB Fan Cave put this video together to hype the upcoming MLB playoffs, and well…it's pretty awesome.

Floating heads of MLB stars…yeah, that's not going to haunt my dreams for weeks. The opening scenes with the players slowly moving….yeah. That's a little horrifying. As is Chipper Jones playing around in a pool while Paul Konerko watches from a distance.

I hope you're happy for scarring me for life, Gordon.

[h/t: Big League Stew]

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