Nationals’ draftee Lucas Giolito is friends with Samuel L Jackson

Washington Nationals first round pick Lucas Giolito, who signed right at the deadline last Friday, is apparently friends with Samuel L Jackson, the veteran actor from many fantastic movies (including Pulp Fiction, a cult favorite and one of my favorite movies ever, and the three Star Wars prequels). After Giolito signed, Jackson tweeted out the following.

Seeing that would be awesome for anyone, especially an 18 year-old that just became a millionaire. Then, in an interview at Nationals Park yesterday, Giolito dropped this bombshell.

My dad has played golf with him a bunch of times, he is actually friends with Sam. I was able to meet him and talk to him a couple of years ago," Giolito said. "I have actually got a couple of presents from him. I got a signed Mace Windu light saber from him, the purple one. Those are the kinds of things I hang up in my room.

Jealous? Yes, I'm extremely jealous. The purple lightsaber that Jackson's character Mace Windu used in the Star Wars prequels is totally awesome. At the same time, it shows that despite being on this national stage and signing a seven figure deal, Giolito is still just an 18 year-old kid. Sure, an 18 year-old kid who gets gifts and tweets from Samuel L Jackson….but a kid nonetheless.

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