Your end of day Twitter plagiarism summary

We've had quite a day here at TOC in tracking the Twitter account MLBSportsReport, our favorite impostor account running sycophant. The latest update (as of a few hours ago) is that our friend FloridianFalcon is *not* connected to the proprietor of these accounts in any way. Of course, it wouldn't be an hour in the life of MLBSportsReport without some ridiculousness…

Sure, copying tweets without using the RT button is totally fine as long as you change the hashtag from NATITUDE to NATIONALS…

There's also this, which apparently is supposed to be an explanation for how MLBSR gets INSIDE INFORMATION without tweeting a source.

Yes. That just happened. Face, meet palm. Palm, meet face. You two are going to become very well-acquainted until this account gets nuked.

Joe Lucia

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