Braves asked Sid Bream to throw out first pitch before playoff game with Pirates

There is still a level of uncertainty with the National League Postseason this year. We know the five teams that will be playing October baseball, but we don't know who is playing where and when. But the NL East champion Atlanta Braves are already trying to play some psychological warfare with their potential opponents – especially the Pirates.

Holy crap, that's a bit much. Sid Bream was on NPR Radio on Friday morning when he told that brief anecdote. Bream also said that he was excited for the Pirates and the city of Pittsburgh, and that he was pleading the fifth on who he was cheering for in the playoffs this season.

If this little story is true, the Braves really are twisting the knife in Pittsburgh's 21-year old wound. It's a little much in my opinion, but gamesmanship has been around baseball for years, and this is just another example of trying to get in a team's head before the playoffs.

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