Desmond Jennings turns an unassisted double play

Desmond Jennings of the Tampa Bay Rays turned an unassisted double play on Saturday, You're probably wondering why that merits a post, since unassisted double plays happen every day and they're really not noteworthy at all. Well, Jennings isn't an infielder: he's a center fielder.

In the top of the third inning of the A's-Rays game on Saturday, Coco Crisp hit a sinking liner to center. Eric Sogard broke from first base on contact, perhaps thinking there were two outs, and Jennings came on to make the catch without much effort. By that time, Sogard had to backtrack so much on the basepaths that a double play was simply elementary, and didn't even try. As the Rays began to jog off the field, Jennings also came in from center, and instead of flipping the ball to first baseman James Loney, he stepped on first base to get the second out himself.

The last center fielder to turn an unassisted double play was Mike Cameron in 2003, but the last one to turn the unassisted double play at first base was Andy Van Slyke, all the way back in 1992. It's a pretty unique accomplishment for Jennings, and one you might not see again for another decade.

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