Dodgers fan supports his team at fifth grade graduation

This is Casey. He just graduated fifth grade. At his graduation, Casey gave a speech talking about a memory from this past year of school. The memory he chose to discuss was when the Giants won the World Series this past season. When Casey said it was his "least favorite memory", there were a couple of gasps in the crowd followed by some laughter and applause. Casey then talked about the entire school dressed in Giants gear taking a school picture, while he was watching and "decked out in every piece of Dodger gear I had". 

All of Casey's classmates chanted BEAT LA at him, and Casey closed his brief speech with a pretty inspirational quote. "But I'm a true fan, and true fans stand tall. True fans stay loyal to their team no matter what happens." Casey then said "Go Dodgers" before leaving the microphone to applause from the crowd.

Good for you, Casey. As a Braves fan living closer to Philadelphia, Washington, and New York than Atlanta, I've gotten my share of taunting throughout the years, and you just need to learn to roll with the punches and have a good attitude about things. It's pretty amazing that Casey as learned this lesson before reaching his teenage years, but I'm incredibly impressed by his attitude.

[Big League Stew via Reddit]

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