Dugout Digest – back to the doldrums

The Winter Meetings have wrapped, and honestly, not a lot happened on the final day of the Meetings yesterday.

Michael Morse joined the Giants.
-MLB banned home plate collisions, and while former MLB catchers were thrilled, Pete Rose was not.
-The Mariners signed Corey Hart and traded for Logan Morrison.
Russell Wilson was drafted by the Rangers in the Rule 5 draft
Two agents got into a fistfight in the parking lot at the Winter Meetings.
Bartolo Colon got a two-year deal with the Mets.
Charlie Morton picked up a three year extension from the Pirates.
Matt Williams crushed his press conference.
Mark Mulder is going to attempt a comeback.

And here we go, back into the doldrums…is it Spring Training yet?

Enjoy your offseason, everyone.

Joe Lucia

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