Dugout Digest – happy Mets day!

Welcome one and welcome all to a true baseball sideshow…New York Mets Day here on The Outside Corner! Let's be honest, it's probably going to be a pretty depressing year in Flushing, but that doesn't mean we can completely write the Mets off.

Speaking of depressing teams, yesterday was Marlins Day here at TOC, and here's your recap.


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Now, what else did you miss around the league yesterday? It was actually a really busy day, rife with newsworthy (and bizarre) stories, and here's a recap of all of that.

Mat Gamel tore his ACL *again, and will miss the 2013 season.
Josh Hamilton lobbed grenades at the Dallas-Fort Worth area, saying it's not a good baseball town and the fans are spoiled.
Adam Jones bought Kevin Gausman 1700 mini donuts to fuel his addiction
Derek Jeter had a stress fracture in his foot before breaking his ankle, and told no one
Alfredo Aceves is driving the Red Sox nuts yet again

See what I mean about it being a busy day? Hopefully, today keeps the news cycle rolling along.

Welcome to Mets day, and enjoy your Spring Training, everyone.

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