Ichiro collects 4,000th career hit between MLB and Japan

Stop the discussion about the semantics here: Ichiro Suzuki picked up his 4,000th career hit between Japan and America during Wednesday night's Blue Jays-Yankees game. The type of hit was typical: a slap single to left field in the first inning of the game. 

If you want to be boring and technical, it was Ichiro's 2,722nd career hit in MLB. Throw in his 1,278 hits in Japan and you get the total of 4,000 being thrown around today. He started his career in America with ten straight 200 hit seasons, including a record 262 in 2004. In 2001 at age 27, Ichiro won the AL MVP and Rookie of the Year awards. If his career started in the States in say, 1997 when he was a 23-year old, his statistics would look positively legendary.

Argue about the minor details all you want, just be sure to make sure to recognize just how long Ichiro has been this good for.

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