Manny Machado somehow avoids serious injury to leg

The leg injury suffered by Orioles third baseman Manny Machado on Monday looked awful. Don't click that link if you have a weak stomach.

However, despite how brutal it looked, Machado managed to avoid both a torn ACL and/or a torn MCL. Instead, according to numerous reports from Orioles beat writers, Machado should be ready for Spring Training after tearing a smaller ligament, the medial patellar ligament. He's somehow only going to be shut down for six to eight weeks.

This is pretty much a best-case scenario for Baltimore. His season is over, but it was probably going to be over by the weekend anyway. The treatment for his injury is minor, and not one that could sideline him into the beginning of next season. Orioles fans, it's OK to exhale now. Your franchise player isn't irreparably broken.

Joe Lucia

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