Mark Trumbo’s monstrous homer, and the joke of “estimated” measurements

Measuring home runs has proven over time to be an inexact science. You would think with the modern marvels of pitch and hit tracking, that we'd have a greater knowledge of home run distance, or even technology in place in every stadium/telecast that could enhance fans' viewing experience. This clearly isn't the case in Oakland. On Monday evening, Mark Trumbo hit a bomb that undeniably has to be in the conversation for longest home run of the year, if not a runaway favorite. The estimated distance however, came in at a laughable 435 feet. Watch the clip and you be the judge, it may have been closer to 535 feet than 435.

Thankfully, sanity prevailed following the game, as ESPN's Home Run Tracker listed Trumbo's bomb at 475 feet, tied for the longest homer of the year with an Anthony Rizzo shot from a week and a half ago that nearly exited Wrigley Field via right center field.

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