Marlins president David Samson to play Lorne Michaels in play

In today's edition of The Theater Corner, we've come across a story from the Miami New-Times about Miami Marlins president (well, at least for now) David Samson playing Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels in a play called Not Ready for Primetime.

Wait, what?

Marlins fans already have March 31, 2014 in their calendars as the start of pre-season baseball. But the most masochistic of Marlins fans — a group that would buy Cracker Jacks at their own beheadings — have March 21 reserved with a blood-red X.

That's the date that Miami Marlins president David Samson makes his debut as television producer Lorne Michaels in the New Theatre's Not Ready for Primetime, a new play about behind-the-scenes drama at Saturday Night Live.

I don't even know what to say anymore. Has the disconnect in the Marlins' front office gotten so bad that Samson is preparing for a career outside of baseball? I loved this description by author B. Caplan of what the play is probably about.

The play, written by locals Erik J. Rodriguez and Charles A. Sothers, focuses on the difficulties of producing the show and presumably focuses on the notorious season when Michaels released most of the show's players, leaving only Chris Kattan and a pile of mismatched shoes from the lost and found.

Wow, bitter much? For the record, here's the *actual* description of the play from the New Theatre's website.

Fall down this comedic "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll" anthemed rabbit's hole, back to the first five tumultuous years of America's funniest and most popular TV show – Saturday Night Live. Penned by the young and sexy local playwrighting team of Charles A. Sothers and Erik J. Rodriguez. Not Ready for Primetime bites into the twisted off-stage personalities, the steamy love affairs, the fights that fueled the Emmy Award-winning, funniest, and most dysfunctional late-night ensemble of Newman, Belushi, Curtin, Radner, Aykroyd, Murray, Morris, Chase and their ringmaster, creator Lorne Michaels.

What does it say about your baseball team and your relationship with the front office when the team president is going to be acting in a play a week and a half before Opening Day? Only in Miami.

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