MLB reportedly planning to suspend players tied to Biogenesis clinic

The MLB witch hunt involving the Biogenesis clinic may be nearing an end. According to a tweet from ESPN's John Buccigross, Outside the Lines has learned that MLB will be suspended the players involved with the clinic. ESPN's TJ Quinn says that about 20 players will be suspended, including Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez.

Now, herein lies the major question: on what grounds is MLB planning on suspending players? Merely being tied to the clinic? Positive tests? Records linking them to PEDs? Quinn is reporting that Anthony Bosch will swear on an affidavit that he supplied drugs to players, so essentially, suspensions are being dished out on the word of a pathological liar and criminal? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Furthermore, will anyone be exempt from a suspension? Will Gio Gonzalez's "my dad went for weight loss drugs" reasoning fly, but Ryan Braun's "legal defense" excuse be ignored?

Not only would I expect all of the players involved to immediately appeal, but I'd also expect them to file lawsuits against the league. If MLB wants to open this can of worms, they'd best be ready for the surprise they're going to get.

Here's Quinn's full story of the investigation by MLB, and all of the details behind what MLB is going to attempt to go through in suspending the players. At the very least, it's going to be interesting to watch.

Joe Lucia

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