MLB Watchability Rankings – 4/19/13

1 — 0

vs. PIT

The Braves lost! But fret not, they are still awesome and should be getting Freddie Freeman back this week.
2 +15 vs. KC
vs. OAK
Between the Red Sox kicking butt of late and the emotion for the city of Boston, I dare you try and not watch them.
3 -1 vs. MIA
vs. CHC
Tony Cingrani, come on down!
4 +4 @ LAA
vs. KC
If Rick Porcello could finally make good on his promise, this would be top to bottom the best rotation to watch in the entire league.
5 +1 @ TB
The A's have scored 14 more runs than any other team in baseball. I don't even know how to explain that, but I suggest witnessing it for yourself while it lasts.
6 -3 @ NYM
vs. STL
7 +3 @ BOS
They beat Atlanta and are slowly becoming the team to watch if you want to see a good pitchers' duel.
8 -3 @ PHI
On paper, they should be a good watch, but too many guys are scuffling at the plate and their bullpen is a hot mess.
9 -5 vs. LAD
vs. TOR
With no homers from Chris Davis in a whole week and their starting pitching going south in a hurry, the O's are losing our interest.
10 -5 @ TEX
That Scherzer-Felix game was something to behold and served to once again buoy the surprising watchability of an otherwise lousy team.
11 — 0 @ COL
@ SF
If you like a good mystery, check out the D'Backs. Their owner said last week that they have "the best player in baseball" on their team. Tune in to see if you can figure out who the hell he was talking about.
12 -5 vs. SD
vs. ARI
What the hell is going on with the Giants pitching? And what the hell has Jean Machi been eating?
13 — 0 vs. SEA
Still waiting for their vaunted offense to catch up with their overachieving pitching.
14 +4 vs. STL
vs. PIT
With Hamels and Halladay looking better and Ben Revere defying physics in the outfield, this team is getting interesting again.
15 +1 vs. WAS
vs. LAD
Now we get to see just how for real Matt Harvey is as he takes on the Nats and Dodgers this week.
16 -4 vs. NYY
No Reyes, no watching… unless they actually go through with the Lawrie-to-second base experiment.
17 -3 @ BAL
With Greinke getting hurt, Kershaw getting pounded by the Padres and Kemp slumping so bad he got benched, the Dodgers might have to start paying people to watch them. Which is actually a nice situation for them, because they can actually afford to do that.
18 +2 vs. ARI
vs. ATL
The Rockies are playing very well right now, but how fun can it really be to watch games featuring players bundled up in ridiculous Gore-Tex bodysuits in sub-freezing temperatures?
19 -4 @ SF
vs. MIL
The return of Chase Headley helps offset the fact that Carlos Quentin didn't try to kill anyone this week.
20 +2 @ TOR
@ TB
With news of Jeter's latest setback, it is probably time that we just make our peace with it and learn to love the Replacement Yankees.
21 -2 vs. MIN
vs. CLE
They keep subjecting us to Adam Dunn at-bats and for that they must be punished.
22 +4 @ HOU
Amazingly, Scott Kazmir will finally be returning to the majors this weekend. It will be hard to resist seeing if he is anywhere close to his former self.
23 +4 @ MIL
Both Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg in the same bullpen and in the mix for save chances. I'm not sure if that makes them completely unwatchable or Must See TV. At least Web-Gem-o-matic Darwin Barney is back.
24 -3 vs. CLE
vs. SEA
The novelty is starting to wear off.
25 — 0 vs. OAK
vs. NYY
They have every reason to promote both Wil Myers and Chris Archer, yet they refuse. This angers the DVR Gods greatly.
26 +3 @ ATL
They finally got their team OPS over .600. Now if only they could do something about that "Jonathan Sanchez in the rotation" thing and things would really start looking up for the Buccos.
27 +1 @ CWS
vs. MIA
They are competitive and have some interesting young bats up in Hicks and Arcia… but that pitching. Even with Correia pitching shockingly well, their rotation has a 3.76 K/9. Strikeouts may be fascist, but grounders are boring.
28 -4 vs. DET
vs. TEX
Hosting the return of Torii Hunter should be fun as will the heated rivalry series against Texas. I say "should" because the Angels stink right now, so view at your own risk.
29 -6 vs. CHC
@ SD
Ace pitcher gets a DUI with a BAC three times the legal limit? DOWN YOU GO.
30 — 0


The return of Giancarlo Stanton doubles their watchability. Yet they still remain in the basement of our rankings without even a nanosecond of thought given to moving them up.

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