MLB Watchability Rankings – 5/31/13

1 +2 vs. SF
vs. ARI
Another week, another intriguing Cardinal prospect promoted for us to ogle. Wacha! Wacha! Wacha! (sorry, couldn't resist)
2 — 0 vs. KC
As long as Adrian Beltre's teammates keep providing us GIF-able moments by touching Beltre's head, we'll keeping watching the Rangers.
3 2 @ BAL
vs. TB
Justin Verlander's recent struggles have us feeling ever so slightly nervous about watching him now. Nobody wants to see an ace fall from grace.
4 +4 vs. DET
We just can't get enough of Manny Machado ripping doubles and Chris Davis murdering baseballs.
5 +2 vs. TB
Nick Swisher returning to Yankee Stadium should be a nice moment, but really we are just glad to not have to deal with Chris Perez for a little while.
6 — 0 @ CHC
It really isn't fair that the D'Backs have so much great young talent that Tyler Skaggs can pitch brilliantly for one start and get sent back down.
7 2 @ NYY
vs. TEX
Penalized in advance of the oversaturation that comes with every Red Sox-Yankees series.
8 +1 @. PIT
vs. COL
The Reds are so much more fun to watch when Joey Votto is hitting homers, mostly because it stops people from complaining that he "walks too much."
9 -5 vs. WAS
vs. PIT
Justin Upton hasn't hit a homer in two weeks and B.J. Upton hasn't hit anything all season. YAWN.
10 — 0 vs. CWS
Jarrod Parker is pitching well again and Josh Reddick is coming back, both of which make the Watchability Committee very happy.
11 +4 vs. CIN
Not only do the Pirates have the best matchups of the week, but there is an added level of intrigue as this should give us a pretty good idea of just how serious we should take the Buccos as contenders.
12 +2 vs. LAD
Colorado's pitching is not only passable, it is actually pretty good right now. History suggests you should watch it now while it lasts.
13 2 vs. BOS
vs. CLE
Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira are supposed to return this week, which makes the Yanks better too watch, but only so much because Youk sans facial hair is a frightening sight to behold.
14 +2 @ STL
vs. TOR
Matt Cain vs. Shelby MIller, what more do you need? Oh, Madison Bumgarner vs. Adam Wainwright? Sure, you can have that too.
15 +3 vs. HOU
vs. CHC
Jered Weaver is back, which is great news because it finally gives the Angels a pitcher who you can watch without losing the will to live.
16 -4 @ ATL
vs. NYM
Harper is down with an injury again and so are the Nats in our rankings. This is not a coincidence.
17 -4 @ TEX
vs. MIN
Welcome to the Royals Sideshow. Let's see who puts their foot in their mouth and/or gets fired next.
18 +1 @ SD
@ SF
Brett Lawrie going to the DL helps, as does the promotion of Anthony Gose.
19 2 vs. TOR
We have loathed watching the Padres pitchers all season save for Andrew Cashner who is now getting lit up by the likes of the Mariners. Welp.
20 +4 @ MIN
vs. CWS
After cutting the dead weight of Montero, Maurer and Ackley in recent weeks, we have to give Seattle some addition by subtraction points. Calling up Nick Franklin is interesting too.
21 +4 vs. ARI
The Cubs with a +6 run differential are better than we have been giving them credit for, but let's be honest, this bump in the rankings is because they are suddenly getting homers unlikely sources like their pitchers and Dioner Navarro.
22 -1 @ CLE
How can we punish them for Josh Lueke last week and not punish them for Josh Sale this week?
23 -3 @ COL
vs. SD
And now Matt Kemp is headed for the DL. Things just keep getting better for the Dodgers.
24 -1 vs. SEA
@ KC
This might be the one pitching staff that is worse to watch than San Diego's.
25 -3 @ PHI
vs. OAK
The Brewers allowed Yuni Betancourt to bat cleanup for a game last week. You know what that means…
26 +1 @ MIA
Just hanging out, waiting for the Mets to demote Ike Davis and call up Zack Wheeler.
27 -1 vs. MIL
vs. MIA
There was some fierce competition for the worst matchups of the week, but the Phillies are our "winner."
28 — 0 @ OAK
As if the White Sox offense wasn't bad enough, now they are going to play all week in two cavernous ballparks.
29 — 0 @ LAA
vs. BAL
Still not as horrifying to watch as the Marlins.
30 — 0

vs. NYM

As if the Marlins weren't bad enough, now we must be subjected to the Fish going up against the rest of the dreck in the NL East.
Mike Trout is one pace for 34 homers and is currently third in average home run distance. But, yeah, his power is totally going to regress.

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