MLB Watchability Rankings – 6/7/13

1 — 0 @ CIN
St Louis has been on autopilot, but they can stick a pair of scarecrows in the rotation after Adam Wainwright, Shelby Miller, and Lance Lynn and still win the NL Central.
2 +1 vs CLE
@ KC
Justin Verlander is 12th among all MLB pitchers in fWAR, and fourth on the Tigers. Anibal Sanchez and Max Scherzer have been incredible.
3 -1 @ TOR
vs CLE
With Ian Kinsler's return delayed, that means we're getting more Jurickson Profar in our lives, which isn't a bad thing at all.
4 +2 vs SF
Arizona can open up a huge lead in the NL West this week, and they're doing this with only two of their starters showing a pulse.
5 -1 @ TB
vs LAA
We say it every week, but it bears repeating: we have no idea where this team would be about Chris Davis and Manny Machado.
6 +4 @ CWS
vs NYY
Everyone has talked about how great the Rangers have been this year, but the A's are just a half game behind, and the two teams have the same run differential.
7 — 0 vs LAA
@ TB
Watching this Boston team, two things are becoming evident: Mike Napoli is healthy, and Jacoby Ellsbury's 2011 was a massive fluke.
8 — 0 vs STL
Over the next two weeks, the Reds have potentially their best chance all season to take the NL Central lead. It'll be tough to do without Johnny Cueto, though.
9 +4 @ SEA
Mark Teixiera has raked in his first week of games of the season. Danger, danger.
10 -1 @ LAD
@ SD
This is still an incredibly odd team, but no other team in the league has gotten production like Atlanta from their backstops. Plus, Julio Teheran's emergence this yeas has been a joy to watch.
11 +1 vs SD
vs WAS
They can hit a ton, and their bullpen has been lights out. Even with a below average rotation, they're having a solid year.
12 -7 @ DET
Cleveland is 4-12 in their last 16 games, all against contenders. Yeah, you've gotta beat the chaff of the league, but you can't play that awful against the elite teams of the league.
13 -2 @ CHC
vs SF
The Pirates scored 11 runs in six games last week. That's not going to get it done, especially when your normally solid pitching staff allows 30 runs.
14 +9 vs ATL
vs AZ
If the Dodgers end up making the playoffs, you can point to the promotion of Yasiel Puig this week as why.
15 -1 @ AZ
This is a typical middling Giants time that will eventually turn it on and win the division. However, only one member of their rotation (Madison Bumgarner) has an ERA under 4.00 – very un-Giantslike
16 -2 @ BOS
Coming into last week's rankings, they were four games under .500 with six against the Astros and Cubs. Today, they're eight under. Oh, and Josh Hamilton still can't hit.
17 +10 @ MIL
Domonic Brown against two awful pitching staffs? At this time next week, he could have 25 homers.
18 -2 vs MIN
No Harper. No Strasburg. This is just not a team I want to voluntarily watch right now.
19 -2 vs HOU
vs DET
The team has a .619 OPS in June. George Brett isn't a miracle worker, folks.
20 -2 vs TEX
Toronto's heads are barely above water. RA Dickey *has* been their best starter, but he has a 4.66 ERA. That's…not good.
21 — 0 vs PIT
vs CIN
The Cubs rotation has been awesome aside from Edwin Jackson, who's making more money than God.
22 -3 @ COL
vs ATL
Andrew Cashner and Jason Marquis have struck out the same amount of hitters, while Marquis has walked twice as many and allowed four more homers in 6 1/3 more innings. Cashner's ERA is just a hair lower. Baseball is stupid.
23 -3 vs NYY
vs HOU
I wrote an article in the offseason about the Mariners rotation potentially being the best in baseball. Hisashi Iwakuma and Felix Hernandez are living up to their part of that article, at least.
24 -2 vs BAL
vs BOS
The Rays are mainly staying in the hunt due to their offense, which is an odd change of pace for them.
25 +1 vs MIA
vs STL
Two Matt Harvey starts, and that's about it. John Buck has been awful since an incredible April.
26 -2 @ WAS
vs PHI
The Twins are 1-6 with two rainouts against the NL East this season. Luckily for them, their next two series are against NL East teams.
27 -2 vs PHI
I'm conflicted, because for as awesome Jean Segura, Carlos Gomez, and Ryan Braun are, that's how bad the rest of the team is.
28 +1 @ KC
Hey, they've won seven of their last nine. That counts for something. Jason Castro is finally showing a pulse, too.
29 -1 vs OAK
vs TOR
On the bright side, Chris Sale starts twice in the next six games. On the not so bright side, Jake Peavy is hurt and the offense is still terrible.
30 — 0

vs MIL

Well, they did sweep the Mets last week…but scored just six runs in a three game sweep by the Phillies this week. Juan Pierre is their qualified leader in batting average at .238.

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