MLB Watchability Rankings – 7/26/13

There has been a lot of movement in the rankings this week due to the week off we took…and the watchability rankings may never be the same again..

1 — 0 @ ATL
St Louis doesn't have it easy this week, with eight games against the second and third best teams in the National League. At the very least, the baseball they'll be playing will be incredible.
2 +8 @ NYY
vs AZ
I don't know how much longer they can keep Roberto Hernandez in the rotation. But aside from that, this team is clicking on all cylinders.
3 +1 @ MIA
vs STL
The Pirates played the Reds close last weekend, then kicked the crap out of the Nationals. They'll celebrate with three in Miami before a crucial five game series with the Cardinals.
4 -2 vs LAA
vs TOR
The A's have very quietly opened up a three game lead in the AL West.
5 +3 vs CIN
vs NYY
Los Angeles has a +50 run differential this month, which is absurd.
6 -1 @ BAL
vs TB
vs SEA
Things are suddenly dicey in Boston with the Rays catching fire.
7 — 0 vs BOS
vs HOU
I don't know if K-Rod and Feldman will be enough for the Orioles. They feel like they need something more…
8 -5 @ CLE
vs LAA
vs AZ
15 runs in seven games since the Break? And they want to bring Michael Young back? Ugh.
9 -3 vs PHI
vs WAS
Miguel Cabrera is banged up, and Justin Verlander has been disappointing. The door is wide open for the Indians right now.
10 +1 @ LAD
@ SD
The Reds have a shocking 5.5 game lead on the Diamondbacks…for the *second* wild card spot. 
11 -2 vs STL
vs COL
Braves and Cardinals, on national TV, in primetime? What bad things could possibly come of *that*?
12 +1 @ WAS
The Mets are playing some pretty good baseball lately. Hell, they could end the weekend in second place in the NL East.
13 — 0 @ OAK
The Angels are tied with the Mariners in the AL West standings, ten games behind the A's. They're done, but at least they still have Mike Trout in the fold.
14 +1 vs SD
@ TB
Well Diamondbacks, you had a chance to bury the rest of the NL West, and you didn't take it. You've lost *seven games* in the standings to the Dodgers since the beginning of June. That's shocking.
15 -3 vs TEX
vs CHW
The opportunity for the Indians to make headway in the AL Central is RIGHT THERE. Losing series to the Twins and Mariners is *not* the way to go, though.
16 +2 @ CHW
Remember Dayton Moore's stupid 15 of 20 quote? The Royals are a third of the way there.
17 -1 vs TB
The Yankees get to play the hottest team in the AL and the hottest team in the NL back to back. That's not fair.
18 +2 @ SF
vs MIL
The Cubs have already dealt five of their trade chips, and we've still got five days until the trade deadline.
19 +5 @ TOR
I would much rather lose with young players than be mediocre with veterans. Expect even more young guys to get called up next week to follow in the footsteps of Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Villar.
20 -3 vs NYM
Quite possibly the most disappointing team in recent memory.
21 +2

vs PIT
vs NYM

The Marlins don't score a run during a sweep by the Brewers, and then take three out of four in Colorado. At least Christian Yelich is up yet.
22 — 0 vs MIL
Closer to last place than first place. Just like we all expected.
23 -4 vs HOU
Wow. Just wow.
24 +5

vs MIN

Go ahead and tell me that the Mariners should buy when they're ten out of the AL West and 7.5 out of the wild card. I can wait.
25 -4 @ DET
vs SF
Five straight losses? Go ahead Ruben, tell me about how the Phillies are buyers.
26 -1 vs CHC
I don't think there's going to be a second half surge this year for the Giants.
27 -3 @ COL
Believe it or not, Ryan Braun wasn't the best player on the Brewers this year, and Milwaukee still has players to care about in Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura.
28 +2 @ SEA
vs KC
Two straight series wins gets you out of the basement, but that's about it. The Twins stink, and don't exactly have a lot to trade either.
29 -1 vs KC
Head on out to the Cell this week to see some of your favorite White Sox stars for the last time before they get traded, folks.
30 -3 @ AZ
 vs CIN
Seriously: what the hell do the Padres do going forward?

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