MLB Watchability Rankings – 8/23/13

The biggest changing in the rankings come at the bottom…which is something that no one wants to see.

1 +2 vs BOS
vs CHC
The Red Sox and Cubs coming to Dodger Stadium is a dream for scalpers.
2 -1 @ STL
vs CLE
Go ahead and add Jason Heyward and Brandon Beachy to Atlanta's MASH unit. Not good, but at least their lead is enormous.
3 +1 @ CHW
Texas is gaining some much-desired separation from Oakland in the AL West standings.
4 -2 @ NYM
vs OAK
The Tigers keep rollin right along…though losing a series to the Twins is a little embarassing.
5 –0 vs AZ
@ SD
The Pirates would have no issues winning two out of three the rest of the way.
6 — 0 @ LAD
vs BAL
Humiliating the Giants in two out of three games is a nice change of pace from losing three straight series.
7 +2 vs MIL
Oh, this team is getting hot at the right time…
8 -1 vs ATL
vs CIN
St Louis is in the midst of their biggest 17 game stretch of the season, which will determine just where their playoff run is going to start.
9 -1 vs NYY
@ KC
vd LAA
The Rays are streaky, but they've had more good than bad and could still claim the AL's top seed.
10 +3 vs MIL
An excellent road trip for the Indians has put them in prime positioning for September.
11 — 0 @ PHI
vs SD
Arizona could have built on a series win in Pittsburgh, but failed miserably.
12 -2 @ BAL
This is a vicious 13 game stretch for the A's right now. If they can't keep their heads above water, their season might be over at the end of September.
13 -1 vs WAS
vs TB
And the wheels are starting to fall off again.
14 — 0 vs OAK
.500 baseball isn't going to cut it anymore with the way the rest of the AL's contenders are playing.
15 +2 vs TOR
So close to a winning nine game road trip. SO CLOSE.
16 +2 @ CIN
Watching Juan Francisco sure is fun. Whiffs and dingers and errors galore!
17 +5 @ TB
Ryan Dempster woke up the Yankees.
18 -3 vs DET
vs PHI
Daisuke Freaking Matsuzaka? Seriously?
19 -3

vs COL

Watch the Marlins when Jose Fernandez is pitching or Giancarlo Stanton is hitting, and no other time. For now.
20 +1 @ KC
vs MIA
They keep getting within sight of .500, and it all falls apart.
21 +8 vs AZ
Is it the Ryne Sandberg effect, or the fact that the Rockies stink?
22 +1 @ SD
The worst thing the Cubs have lost this season is Kim DeJesus.
23 +1 @ HOU
vs NYY
And the season continues to swirl down the drain for the Blue Jays…
24 -5 @ SEA
@ TB
Disaster. That's all I can really say.
25 -5 vs CHC
@ AZ
Since winning that series with the Yankees, the Padres are 5-10. 
26 +2

vs LAA
vs TEX

The Mariners are *comfortably* in third in the AL West. That's shocking.
27 +2 @ CLE
vs KC
Lose three out of four to the White Sox at home, and take two out of three in Detroit. Huh?
28 +2 vs TEX
vs HOU
The White Sox are getting a little feisty lately!
29 -4 @ MIA
vs SF
This team is horrendous.
30 -4 vs PIT
The worst post-World Champions season not involving a fire sale?

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