MLB Watchability Rankings – 8/2/13

This was the week where the elite teams put their best foot forward, and the pretenders…well, the pretenders fell further down the abyss.

1 +2 vs COL
vs MIA
Pittsburgh punched St Louis right in the mouth this week and showed the Cardinals they're not going anywhere.
2 — 0 vs SF
@ AZ
I went ahead and trashed Roberto Hernandez last week, and he went ahead and nearly threw a shutout this week. I'm really loving this dogfight with Boston at the top of the AL East standings
3 +8 @ PHI
After a hotly contested sweep of the Cardinals, the Braves pummeled the Rockies in their four game sweep, outscoring Colorado by 27 runs.
4 -3 @ CIN
vs LAD
Getting swept in Atlanta, and then losing four out of five in Pittsburgh? That's not good, Cardinals.
5 -1 vs TEX
Oakland is on autopilot right now, but they can't get too comfortable at the top of the AL West.
6 -1 @ CHC
The Dodgers have napalmed the NL West. I think this race is close to being over.
7 +2 vs CHW
Oh look, the Tigers are finally hitting their stride.
8 -1 vs SEA
@ SD
Give the Orioles credit for being the only contender that went all-out to upgrade their team, They didn't give up anything substantial, either.
9 -3 vs AZ
Boston has a nice opportunity to get some breathing room in the AL East with the Astros on the schedule.
10 -2 @ OAK
Three straight walkoff wins against the Angels will do a lot for team morale.
11 +4 @ MIA
vs DET
Cleveland has won eight in a row, yet has lost ground since the All-Star Break.
12 +4 @ NYM
vs MIN
11-2 since the All-Star Break, and still 6.5 games out.
13 -3 vs STL
vs OAK
A 5-6 West Coast road trip isn't the worst thing that could have happened to the Reds, especially with the Cardinals' struggles this week.
14 -2 vs KC
vs COL
All things considered, it could be *a lot* worse for the Mets. Their outfield has been shockingly productive lately.
15 +6

vs CLE

Miami's young talent is starting to shine, and the Fish are 28-24 since June 1st.
16 -2 @ BOS
vs TB
Diamondbacks, I need to reiterate this to you: 85 wins isn't going to cut it this year.
17 -4 vs TOR
vs TEX
Before a Melky-fueled win on Thursday, the Angels had lost six in a row. They're in fourth in the AL West.
18 — 0 vs LAD
This season also hasn't been a disaster for the Cubs, shockingly enough.
19 — 0 @ MIN
vs BOS
Once Erik Bedard inevitably gets dealt this month, the oldest member of Houston's rotation will be 25-year old Dallas Keuchel, assuming another rookie replaces Bedard.
20 -3 @ SD
The Yankees remind me a lot of the Diamondbacks, in that they're just not good enough to get into the playoffs but will continue inspiring false hope.
21 -1 @ MIL
vs ATL
Washington's season could finally, mercifully be killed when the Braves come to town next week.
22 +8 vs NYY
vs BAL
Three straight series wins, including two from contenders? Nice, Padres…nice.
23 +2 vs WAS
@ SF
The Brewers are showing a little bit of spunk in the wake of Ryan Braun's suspension. It's a shame their rotation is a dumpster fire.
24 -1 @ LAA
Alex Anthopolous' career might be defined by the trade with the Marlins, for better or worse.
25 -3 @ PIT
Just a reminder that the third place Rockies didn't sell in the midst of getting the crap kicked out of them by the Braves, and are now eight games under .500.
26 -2

vs TOR

What's more painful than losing a 15 inning game? How about blowing a five run lead in the ninth? Felix Hernandez deserves better.
27 — 0 @ TB
vs MIL
Wait, you mean bringing back an aging core of players wasn't a good idea?
28 -3 vs ATL
vs CHC
2-10 since the All-Star Break, and Michael Young is still a Phillie. Pathetic.
29 -1 vs HOU
@ KC
Scott Diamond's 3.54 ERA last year was one of the biggest flukes in baseball. He's back in AAA now, by the way.
30 -1 @ DET
vs NYY
Since taking a series from Atlanta coming out of the All-Star Break, the White Sox are 1-10. Oh.

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