MLB Watchability Rankings – 9/13/13

Is it just me, or are the bad teams getting *worse* over the season's final month of play? Anyway, here's your penultimate edition of the watchability rankings prior to the postseason rankings.

1 +3 vs CHC
vs SD
The Pirates might have 90 wins at this time next week when they're preparing to face off with the Reds. If that's the case, they may have already clinched a playoff spot.
2 -1 vs SF
@ AZ
Who would have thought back in April that this four game Giants-Dodgers series was just going to be a coronation?
3 — 0 vs NYY
vs BAL
Red Sox fans must be taking some serious glee in potentially ruining the seasons of the Yankees and (especially after 2011) the Orioles
4 -2 vs SD
The Braves are probably going to end up clinching the NL East in Washington. Oh sweet irony…
5 +4 @ TEX
vs LAA
Unlike last year, when Oakland needed a tremendous run in September to make the playoffs, the A's are coasting into the postseason in 2013.
6 — 0 vs KC
vs SEA
Detroit hasn't wrapped up the AL Central quite yet, but it's going to take a vicious streak for them to fall from their perch.
7 — 0 vs SEA
The Cardinals are going to be in a dog fight with the Pirates down the stretch, given the schedules of both teams.
8 -3 vs OAK
@ TB
The Rangers are 2-8 in September, and their next ten games are against teams they're competing with for a playoff spot. This could get ugly.
9 -1 @ MIL
The Reds are the third NL Central team that gets a respite with the schedule this week, but they *did* just lose a series at home to the Cubs.
10 +1 @ CHW
@ KC
The Indians couldn't put the Royals out of their misery this week, so they'll try again next week.
11 -1 @ MIN
vs TEX
How crucial was the Rays' win on Thursday against the Red Sox? If they blew that one, I'd be afraid they'd continue to circle down the drain.
12 +1 @ DET
vs CLE
It's remarkable that the Royals are still in this one, but winning two out of three probably isn't good enough the rest of the way.
13 +1 vs PHI
vs ATL
The Nationals are 25-13 since August 1st, but the hole they dug before that was just too deep to get out of.
14 +1 @ BOS
Their series in Tampa against the Rays in two weeks is going to be just lovely.
15 +1 @ TOR
vs BOS
This Orioles team is better than last year's Orioles team…except their record in one-run games has flipped.
16 -4 vs COL
vs LAD
You can't blame Arizona's descent in the NL West standings on just the Dodgers, as the DBacks are four games under .500 in the second half. 
17 +1 @ HOU
The Angels have put together a nice 15-5 run and are in position to screw up the seasons of the A's and Rangers this month.
18 -1 @ WAS
vs MIA
This is becoming a very boom or bust team, and Ryne Sandberg's one run magic is still just rolling right along.
19 — 0 vs CIN
vs CHC
Three of their final five series of the season are against playoff teams. Well that's just not fair. But none are against the Pirates, so Pittsburgh will be cheering heavily for the Brew Crew.
20 — 0 vs LAA
vs CIN
Reds, Indians, Rangers, Yankees. If you want chaos, you want the Astros to win a lot down the stretch.
21 — 0 vs BAL
vs NYY
At least they're not as bad as the 2012 Marlins…
22 +7 @ LAD
I don't really have anything to say anymore, except for "the Giants will be lucky to not finish last".
23 — 0 @ ATL
San Diego is your designated "NL elite team sacrificial lamb" this month.
24 — 0 @ PIT
Cardinals fans cheering for the Cubs. Heh.
25 +3 @ AZ
vs STL
If the Rockies don't end up with 90 losses, I will be positively stunned.
26 -1 vs MIA
vs SF
2-9 in September? That seems about right.
27 -5


What's that? Jose Fernandez has been shut down for the year? Oh.
28 -1 vs TB
Only someone who hates themselves would go to any of those Twins-White Sox games this week.
29 +1


No Felix, no peace. Know Felix, know peace.
30 -4 vs CLE
vs MIN
It's almost as if the White Sox knew they might fall out of the top five of the Draft, so they decided to completely stop trying the rest of the way. Poor Chris Sale.

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