Phillies fans aren’t pleased about Domonic Brown’s NFL rooting interests

Philadelphia Phillies star outfielder is one of the most promising young players on the team. After a breakout 2013 that saw Brown hit a team-leading 27 homers, expectations will be huge for him going into 2014.

Well, expectations will be huge for him…unless the Phillies vocal fanbase gets their way. On his Twitter account today, Brown posted a picture of himself and some friends in Cowboys gear at Lincoln Financial Field for the Cowboys-Eagles game.

I think you can see where this is going. The fanbase went absolutely nuclear (just check out his mentions) and is calling him all sorts of nasty names…just because Brown, who grew up in Florida, is a Cowboys fan. Here's just a sampling of the hate he's facing.

And so on and so forth. As one of my friends so eloquently put it: "if you moved to Texas for work, would you suddenly become a Cowboys fan?" There's also a segment of the fanbase that's trying to dictate Brown's fandom, saying that because he's from Florida he's "not allowed" to be a Cowboys fan, or whatever. The guy was born in 1987, when the Jaguars didn't exist, the Bucs stunk, and the Dolphins were mediocre and located hours away from his home in central Florida. This kind of crap happens all the time with young kids. With as decidedly average as the Cowboys have been lately, at least Brown hasn't jumped ship and proclaimed himself as a diehard Patriots fan.

It's really just a bunch of fans getting upset over nothing, but with the miserable state of Philly sports right now, I can understand why they're getting so angry.

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