Rajai Davis hit a Little League home run on Wednesday night

Remember when you were in Little League, and you'd hit a home run that didn't even leave the infield?

Yeah…that happened to Rajai Davis on Wednesday night in Toronto.

With two outs in the bottom of the third inning, Davis grounded back to the mound. Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester deflected the ball, and attempted to shovel it over to first baseman Mike Napoli, but it went wide and rolled up the first base line. Davis kept running, and right fielder Shane Victorino fired the ball into third base. The only problem was that he didn't get enough air under his throw, and it smashed into a sliding Davis. The ball was deflected towards the Blue Jays dugout, nowhere near third baseman Will Middlebrooks, and Davis trotted home for the run.

So if you're scoring at home, that's an infield single with errors on Lester and Victorino allowing Davis to earn three extra bases on the play and score. Davis' trip around the bases took roughly 18 seconds, including that slide into third base.

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