Sergio Romo was detained at an airport on New Years Day

Sergio Romo, closer for the World Champion San Francisco Giants, saw his new year get off to a bad start. According to TMZ, Romo was apparently detained at a Las Vegas airport for not having proper identification and getting "angry and aggressive" with a TSA agent. Romo was cited for violating airport rules, released, and wasn't allowed to fly after the incident, and he was apparently under the influence (of what wasn't mentioned).

Everyone knows that TSA agents tend to get a little aggressive in maintaining order at security checkpoints. But it's not a complicated procedure if you're a passenger: have your ID and boarding pass ready, listen to what the agents say, and get along with your life after clearing the checkpoint. If Romo didn't have his ID like the report states, that's on him and he shouldn't go crazy on 

It's not as if Romo is a household name either. He's a member of the World Champion Giants, but this isn't Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, or Pablo Sandoval, who generally get their faces plastered everywhere in marketing materials related to the Giants. There's probably going to be a huge uproar about how he's not getting treated fairly because of his fame status, but that's ridiculous. Romo got everything coming to him, and while it's a relatively minor incident at the end of the day, there really was no reason for it.

Now, is there going to be some sort of rage because of Romo's beard and people stereotyping him as a man of Middle Eastern descent? That would be ridiculous, especially considering that Romo was born in California, and that both of his parents are Mexican. Just go ahead and stop even considering that narrative, because it couldn't be more false.


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