The Cincinnati Bearcats love to have fun during post-game interviews

We don't delver into the college baseball scene too much, but this video was too funny to *not* post. Post-game interviews are generally full of the same old questions and cliches, and more often than not, they'll end with a pie to the face or an ice water/Gatorage bath.

Well, the Cincinnati Bearcats have more fun with post-game interviews. Aside from the typical pies and water dumps, the Bearcats also goof around in the background of the interview. In the above video, you can see some examples of their shenanigans, which include the following.

-One player sitting on top of another's shoulders as they walk in the background
-Two players carrying a pole, with another player dangling off of it
-A joust involving two players in catching gear
-A pair of players air swimming, being carried by teammates
-A player being carried by four teammates like he's a pharaoh, with four other teammates fanning him with rakes

This is some pretty hilarious stuff, and a reminder that baseball is meant to be fun instead of being serious 100% of the time. Hats off to the Bearcats players for their creativity, and hats off to the Bearcats coaching staff for not taking things too seriously. Cincinnati's season ended on Saturday with an 11-5 win against Notre Dame, finishing with a 24-32 record on the year.


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