The stadium is full of crap… literally

So, Bud Selig, about that whole Oakland A's moving to Santa Clara thing. Any chance we might be able to speed up the process? No rush or anything, but you might want to know that the Coliseum, where the A's currently play, is flooded with raw sewage. That seems kind of relevant, no?

Yes, it is apparently an ugly sight at right now as both the A's and the visiting Mariners were literally sent running from their respective locker rooms when raw sewage began backing up from the drainage system. Both media and players took to Twitter to describe the horror:

That sounds delightful. Apparently this isn't a new thing either. It happens all the time, but never this bad.

Yep, that's right. Raw sewage or in layman's terms: poop. Human poop. At a big league stadium. Maybe David Justice having to pay for the vending machines isn't the worst thing about the Coliseum, after all.

The media is pretty horriffied, but at least the players are all taking it in good humor.

Although there are some who think foul play could be afoot.

Well played, Heyman. Well played.

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