Brett Anderson lands on DL, water is wet

It isn’t baseball season until Brett Anderson lands on the disabled list. Sure enough, the Rockies placed him there yesterday due to a broken finger.

Anderson suffered the injury while hitting, which just goes to show what a great idea it was for Colorado to acquire the injury-prone pitcher in the first place. He couldn’t stay healthy pitching when he was with the A’s, so why not add hitting and running the bases to the mix, just to make sure he gets injured again. The plan is working out brilliantly.

On the bright side, this is a new injury for Anderson. He didn’t re-aggravate his forearm, elbow, shoulder, back, abdomen, thumb, foot or ankle. So Colorado has that going for them and Anderson comes ever so much closer to completing his bucket list item of injuring every single part of his body. Watch out, knees! You’re next!

With Anderson out, Franklin Morales and his 6.39 ERA will get a stay of execution as he had been slated to get punted from the rotation due to the recent return from the DL of one of Colorado’s many other injury-prone starters, Tyler Chatwood.

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