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Chris Davis isn’t happy about hitting the DL with an oblique strain

“It’s kind of crazy, because I don’t feel terrible. I’ve never had anything like this before. I figured it would just be a few days and then we’d forget about it.”

“Its definitely disappointing, frustrating. I do a lot to try and take care of my body and prevent injuries. You play this game long enough, eventually you’re going to run into something like this, but I’m going to stay positive. I definitely have the best group of guys behind me and they picked me up tonight with a win and an exciting win. That was good to see. We’ve got more than our share of guys in here that are capable of picking me up and [helping] the team until get back.”

“As far as I know right now it’s 15-day DL. So, hopefully things will go well and I’ll be able to bounce back quickly.”

-Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis discusses being placed on the DL over the weekend with an oblique strain (via