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Colby Lewis, Rangers disappointed in Ian Kinsler

“It’s unfortunate, I feel like it’s unfortunate but that’s just me. I’m not going to sit here and bad-mouth Kins, I really enjoyed Kins and I enjoyed my time playing with him and I enjoyed him as a teammate; disappointed, that’s the word. That’s all. I love Kins, that’s all. I was just disappointed a little bit, that’s all.”

“I know where his aspect of things is. He feels the way he felt maybe how things went down, I have no idea. It’s his opinion, it’s how things transpired. He’s got his view on it, I’m sure. Like I said, I’m taking it as if he was just disappointment in that aspect of things [on the home run gesture] and not with me.”

-Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis isn’t pleased with Ian Kinsler after Kinsler waved to the Rangers dugout following a home run (via ESPN Dallas)