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Did ESPN’s Jayson Stark inadvertently help Pete Rose stay banned for life?

ESPN’s Jayson Stark was on Olbermann last night, and in the light of Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA, Pete Rose’s lifetime suspension from baseball came up. Stark reveals that in 2003, he reported about a meeting between Rose, Mike Schmidt, Joe Morgan, and Bud Selig that was centered around Rose being reinstated. The parties involved apparently blamed Stark for “setting in motion forces in the universe” that resulted in negative feelings about Rose coming back up and him staying barred for life.

Keith Olbermann himself also revealed that in 2009, he witnessed a discussion between Rose and a member of the commissioner’s office about his reinstatement that was torpedoed once Olbermann reported on it. Of course it’s those damn reporters’ fault that Rose isn’t back in baseball, they did their jobs and didn’t cover for him!

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