GIF: Matt Adams shoves fan for catching foul ball

Matt Adams is going to have himself some explaining to do after an incident with a fan in Cincinnati today.

Adams was pursuing a foul ball into the stands and was in position to potentially make the catch, only a fan stuck his glove above Adams’ and made the catch himself. What a great moment for the fan… right up until the point where Adams reached out and gave him a shove with his glove. It was a light shove, but a player making deliberate contact with a fan is one of the true no-no’s of professional sports.

Here’s a Vine of the incident (featuring an obscene gesture too!), via user Chris Looy:

That’s not the Cardinal Way, Matt. That’s not the Cardinal Way at all.

Nobody got even remotely injured, but it would be a surprise if Adams didn’t at least get a fine or possibly even a suspension for actions.

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