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John Farrell slams replay after controversy in New York

“We felt that it was clear that the replay was inconclusive, and the frustrating part is that when this was rolled out and explained to us, particularly on the throw received by the first baseman, we were instructed when the ball enters the glove — and not that it has to hit the back of the glove — is where the out is deemed complete.”

“At the same time, any angle that we looked at, we couldn’t tell whether [Cervelli’s] foot was on the bag behind Mike Napoli’s leg, so where this became conclusive is a hard pill to swallow. And on the heels of yesterday, it’s hard to have any faith in the system, to be honest with you.”

“There’s going be a learning curve. But again you’d think a video replay would be conclusive or there are plays where it would not be conclusive, which was tonight. We ended up on the wrong side both times.”

“As much as they’re trying to help the human element, it seems like it’s added the human element at a different level.”

-Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell reacts to two instant replay calls going against the Red Sox this past weekend in their series against the Yankees. (via ESPN Boston)