Kevin Frandsen’s slick behind-the-back catch

The Washington Nationals will certainly miss Bryce Harper in left field for the next two months. But in the meantime, one of Harper’s replacements is doing his best to keep us entertained.

In the third inning of the Nats’ 4-3 win over the Astros on Tuesday, Kevin Frandsen played a carom off the left-field wall in perhaps the most creative — or lucky — way possible. Drifting back on Jason Castro’s fly ball to left, Frandsen knew it was going to hit the wall and turned back toward the infield. But he instinctively stuck his glove out behind his back and caught the ricochet.

“Just in case,” he said afterwards. Making it look natural, Frandsen then threw the ball toward home plate, preventing Dexter Fowler from scoring.

Could he even do that again if he tried? Maybe Frandsen just provided MLB with an idea for a new skills competition during All-Star Weekend: a baseball version of H-O-R-S-E.

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