Meet “Rookie,” Trenton Thunder’s new bat dog

Last month we introduced you to the Trenton Thunder’s newest bat dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy who needed a name before he could officially step in as a third generation bat fetcher for the Yankees’ AA affiliate. Last week, the Thunder announced that after several weeks of fan voting, the newest soon-to-be fan favorite at Arm & Hammer Park has a name: Rookie!

Rookie (born December 15 along with a sister) will make his debut with the team this season after completing bat dog training. The puppy follows in the pawsteps of father Derby (the current Thunder bat dog) and grandfather Chase, who served faithfully in that role for 12 seasons until his passing last summer. The name was selected via fan vote, finishing ahead of (Inside the) Parker and Slugger.

This past weekend, Derby met Rookie for the first time and we have photos of the family reunion, courtesy of Eric Lipsman, Thunder SVP of Corporate Sales and Partnerships.

“Derby’s first meeting with the puppies was so funny,” Lipsman said via email. “They were chasing him all over the place.”  

Thunder bat dogs live with Lipsman and he will bring Rookie home to live with Derby when the youngster is ready in approximately two weeks when he turns two months old.  

For now, just bask in the adorableness that is puppy love.

[Via MILB]

All photos via Eric Lipsman