Miguel Cabrera, Brad Ausmus ejected in ridiculous scene in Cleveland

During Wednesday’s Tigers-Indians game, two-time reigning AL MVP Miguel Cabrera and Tigers manager Brad Ausmus were both ejected by home plate umpire Tim Timmons in the sixth inning. The ejections were spurred by Timmons not asking first base umpire Tim Welke for an opinion on a check-swing by Cabrera, causing the Tigers first baseman to get just a little irritated.

All Timmons needed to do was point down to Welke and get his opinion, and that would have been that. But he took matters into his own hands, began jawing with Cabrera, and ejected him after five seconds of chatter – things didn’t even get heated until Ausmus came out of the dugout and looked ready to have a vein pop out of his neck.

Don Kelly finished out Cabrera’s plate appearance and walked. He walked again in the eighth inning.

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