Hank the Dog

Miller Park is installing a doghouse for Hank

Are you tired of Hank the Dog stories yet? No? Lucky you!

The Brewers enter Monday with the best record in baseball, but who cares about their best start since 1987 when Hank is getting his own adorable little doghouse installed at Miller Park?

His new digs while he’s in residence at the stadium will be a roomy, one-bedroom Cape Cod-style dwelling. No word on whether it will be wired for cable with a large-screen TV tuned to Animal Planet.

The “Hank House” is actually a mobile home and will move around the ballpark throughout the season. Whenever Hank is in the house — Miller Park — he’ll have a home to lay his furry head. It’ll be used for photo ops and appearances.

Your “Looks like Carlos Gomez isn’t the only Brewer in the doghouse!” joke goes here.

Hank has been a P.R. godsend for the Brewers, showing up in spring training when everyone was focused on Ryan Braun’s return. Since then, the stray dog has been adopted, appeared in countless Brewers.com videos, had his face plastered on t-shirts sold at Miller Park, received a standing ovation on Opening Day and even had a bobblehead day announced.

To the Brewers’ credit, they are donating proceeds from the t-shirts to the Wisconsin Humane Society. But it’s a good thing the Brewers are having success on the field, otherwise the P.R. staff would probably be pushing even more Hank merch and events like this to keep the more casual fans interested.

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