MLB mascots welcome Clark the Cub on Twitter

The Cubs have been pretty quiet this offseason, but they certainly made news on Monday with the introduction of Clark the Cub, the team’s first mascot in its 138-year history. Not surprisingly, the Twitterverse was buzzing over the bear with the backwards baseball cap and the already sad look in his blue eyes. Though Cubs fans did not immediately embrace the team’s newest acquisition, Clark’s mascot brethren across Major League Baseball welcomed him with open — and in most cases, fuzzy — arms.

First, Clark introduced himself via Twitter because of course he has a Twitter account. I mean, it is 2014, and he needs to be able to make jokes about not being able to type in under 140 characters.

Clark’s crosstown counterpart, Southpaw, was the first furball to tweet his salutations from the White Sox.

Greetings from across the league began to pour in. Wally the Green Monster chimed in on behalf of the World Series champion Red Sox.

D. Baxter the Bobcat couldn’t contain his excitement about the new member of the mascot fur-ternity. The Diamondbacks’ mascot had several tweets.

Note the use of #FURturnity.

D. Baxter asked an important question: was Clark the Cub related to the Minnesota Twins’ longtime mascot, TC Bear?

TC Bear (full disclosure: TC and I follow each other on Twitter because, in case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with mascots) expressed immediate concern to me that he had lost his status as the only ursine mascot in the big leagues.

Shortly thereafter, TC Bear graciously welcomed Clark to the fur-ternity.

The Astros’ Orbit chimed in with some kind words (of course the two mascots follow each other).

Finally, the Royals’ mascot Sluggerrr (the extra r is for “Really, Dayton?”) won the day with his tweet welcoming Clark. Major bonus points for the Vacation reference.