MLB Watchability Rankings – 6/14/13

1 — 0 @ MIA
vs CHC
Jake Westbrook is back. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but considering he didn't take a rotation spot from Shelby Miller, Michael Wacha, Lance Lynn, or Adam Wainwright, I'll live.
2 +4 vs SEA
Since losing five in a row at the beginning of May and falling under .500, the A's are 23-8. That'll do.
3 -1 @ MIN
vs BAL
You know what sucks for a team? In a three game series, they're guaranteed to get at least two of Detroit's awesome starters.
4 +1 vs BOS
The O's have lost three series since the beginning of May, two of which have come at the hands of the Rays. The good news is that they're not on the schedule again until the second half.
5 -2 vs TOR
vs OAK
Texas is still ten games above .500, but they've been booted from first place in the AL West and are dangerously close to falling out of a playoff spot.
6 +2 vs MIL
vs PIT
Johnny Cueto comes back on Sunday, and Reds fans just breathed a huge sigh of relief
7 -3 @ SD
vs MIA
Pat Corbin is all that's holding the Diamondbacks rotation together right now. Cover him in bubble wrap, Kevin Towers.
8 -3 @ BAL
vs TB
It's June 14th, and I still can't get much of a handle on this Boston team
9 +1 @ LAD
@ SD
Atlanta gets to feast on the Mets in a rare five game series this week, with a rainout makeup thrown in there for the hell of it. That should wash the taste of a 2-5 west coast road trip out of their mouths.
10 +3 vs LAD
@ CIN 
Gerrit Cole is here, and everyone really needs to care about that. AJ Burnett's trip to the DL could cause problems, though. 
11 -2 @ LAA
vs LAD
Even if it's just for two games, the Yankees hosting the Dodgers will be awesome
12 +6 @ TB
The Royals have won eight of nine, and are just two games under .500. The pitching staff also hasn't allowed more than three runs in a game this month.
13 +5 @ CLE
vs PHI
They've won four out of five, and Stephen Strasburg comes back on Sunday. Time to make a run. 
14 -2 vs WAS
vs KC
Get swept at Detroit, take two out of three in Texas. I don't know anymore.
15 -1 @ PIT
After starting 4-1 since promoting Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers are now 5-5. But hey, there's an even better chance that they'll get into a massive brawl every time they play!
16 -1 @ ATL
vs SD
The big three might be down to a big one after the struggles of Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, with Cain's last start not withstanding.
17 -6 vs PHI
Troy Tulowitzki is hurt, and there goes any desire I had to watch the Rockies play.
18 +2 @ TEX
vs COL
The Blue Jays have been playing better lately, but the hole they built up in April might just be too deep to climb out of. 
19 +6 vs CHC
20 +2  vs AZ
@ SF
The Padres sweeping the Braves could be a good sign for the future, but that rotation looks pretty, pretty ugly.
21 -5  vs NYY
vs SEA
A 3-8 June is something that should be setting off warning bells all across Anaheim.
22 -5 @ COL
vs WAS
Re: what I wrote last week. Nevermind. This team should just accept their mediocrity.
23 +4 @ CIN
Starting pitching is allowed to be good? What's going on here?!
24 — 0 vs KC
Tampa Bay's run totals since last weekend: 2, 8, 7, 8, 8, 1, 2. I don't even know anymore. Just bring up Wil Myers already.
25 -4 @ NYM
3-8 in June, and the Brewers have slipped past them into fourth place in the NL Central. At least the farm system is good.
26 — 0 vs DET
vs CHW
Sending out Scott Diamond, Samuel Deduno, and PJ Walters against the Tigers is cruel and unusual punishment.
27 -4 @ OAK
Mike Zunino is going to probably be awesome one day. I don't think that day will be in 2013, but that's not stopping Mariners management from calling him up.
28 +2

vs STL
@ AZ

Giancarlo Stanton is back, so they're out of the basement…for now.
29 -1 vs CHW
vs MIL
Before a six run offensive outburst on Wednesday in Seattle, Houston scored a total of seven runs during their six game losing streak. 
30 -1 @ HOU
Chris Sale starts this twice week. And…I'm out of good things to say about the White Sox.

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