MLBAM used FIELDf/x to track Yasiel Puig’s awesome catch at Citi Field

I’m sure everyone remembers this completely bonkers catch by Yasiel Puig at Citi Field from May. Well, because Citi Field is equipped with MLBAM’s FIELDf/x cameras, we were able to see just how amazing the catch was. As you can see in the demo, the ball came off of Wilmer Flores’ bat at 93.5 mph, and Puig traveled 95 feet at 21.1 mph to lay out and make the catch.

Man, FIELDf/x is pretty awesome. We got a teaser of how FIELDf/x would work back in February, when MLBAM released a video highlighting a Jason Heyward catch from last August. For the record, Heyward only went 83 feet at 18.5 mph. What a slacker.

Joe Lucia

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