New Era releases new alternate caps for Braves, White Sox, Blue Jays

New Era has released new alternate caps for the Braves, White Sox, and Blue Jays, two of which invoke retro designs. The new caps will be worn at select times throughout the year, including Spring Training, batting practice, and certain regular season games.

Atlanta's last alternate cap was uninspired after a firestorm erupted over the preliminary cap design, which featured the old "screaming Brave" logo. This cap pays tribute to the Braves' early tenure in the city.The White Sox will be abandoning their traditional "Sox" logo and going back to the 1970s-80s inspired "batter man" that fell by the wayside. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays will keep the same design of their last alternate cap, but are swapping their traditional blue for red.

I think the Braves and White Sox caps are a nice nod to each team's history, while Toronto's cap invokes too many memories of Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic. Didn't they try this "red as a primary color" thing before, only to abandon it shortly thereafter? I have a feeling this cap will follow that same path.

UPDATE: In addition to those three caps, there were five other caps that were released for the Pirates, Cubs, Rangers, Padres, and Mets. Pittsburgh's new cap stands out from the bunch.

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