Red Sox owner snipes back at Marlins over lineup complaint

This last Thursday, executives for the Miami Marlins went and got all butt-hurt because the Boston Red Sox rolled out what they deemed to be a poor lineup when they came to visit the Marlins for the Grapefruit League matchup. They were supposedly "outraged" at this and were going to have a word with the league office about it as there is an arcane rule for Spring Training lineups about a certain number of regulars playing that nobody ever really follows to the letter of the law.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington has since apologized to Marlins, but not before the internet took plenty of shots at the Marlins for daring to call out any other team for not fielding proper lineup. LOLZ were had by all, but the teams seem to have resolved this "misunderstanding."

Or not. Because this Saturday afternoon, Red Sox owner John Henry tweeted this:

Billionaires! They're just like us! It might be the same joke thousands of regular folks tweeted after this story first broke, but when it comes from a team owner, it burns so good.

Suffice it to say, this little quip might result in the Red Sox e-mailing another apology to the Fish in the very near future.

Of course, this theater may not be over yet as the Red Sox and Marlins have one more match this Tuesday, which will be a home split squad game for the BoSox. Until then, we eagerly await their lineup card.

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