Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Howard may or may not listen to Nickelback

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard on allegations by a Braves fan that he listens to Nickelback:

“Damn, that’s outrageous. I didn’t know that. Is it bad to listen to Nickelback?”

After getting told that yes, it probably wasn’t a good thing to be accused of being a Nickelback listener:

“I mean, I’m not afraid to say that I diversify my musical portfolio. I didn’t know they could see or hear what … how do they know I listen to Nickelback? I listen to everything. I don’t know if there’s a specific song by Nickelback (I listen to).”

We know nothing. Ryan Howard may listen to Nickelback, or he may not. The world may never know the truth.

-via MLB.com’s Todd Zolecki