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The best defensive plays for the week ending April 16th

It was one of those weeks where the defense doesn’t exactly light the world on fire, but there were still some highlights over the past seven days.

April 10th, Athletics vs Twins – Super Dozier!

I don’t know where Brian Dozier came from on this play, and I have no idea how he made this catch. But he did, and that’s all that matters. I don’t think you can stretch any more than Dozier did here.

April 12th, Astros vs Rangers – Villar saves the lead.

Man, this was a slick play by Villar, laying out to take a hit away from Alex Rios and keep the Astros in front 6-5. Houston would hang on to win the game with a little extra drama, but Villar’s play prevented the game from turning in favor of the Rangers.

April 13th, Rays vs Reds – home plate double dip.

This double play ended up going 6-2-4-3-2, with both outs coming at home plate. Talk about a way to end an inning with style…unfortunately for the Rays, the game would get incredibly out of hand after this inning.

April 13th, Pirates vs Brewers – Segura goes all-out.

This play by Jean Segura is gross – Andrew McCutchen hit an absolute laser that Segura fielded without flinching, following it up with a seed of a throw to get the quick McCutchen at first.

April 13th, Dodgers vs Diamondbacks – the 9-3 putout.

Man, I love when the 9-3 putout happens. The perfect situation unfolded in Arizona on Sunday – hard hit ball, a pitcher running, a guy with a cannon in right field..and all of that resulted in Dan Haren jogging back to the dugout after thinking he had a base hit because of the arm of Gerardo Parra.

April 13th, Red Sox vs Yankees – Ichiro robs Papi.

This ball that David Ortiz hit wasn’t going out of the park, but it would have put him in scoring position with one out in the eighth inning of a one run game. Ichiro had something to say about that, running the ball down and slamming into the wall. I don’t think Carlos Beltran makes that catch if he’s in right field.

April 14th, Braves vs Phillies – wait, that was Dan Uggla?

You expect plays like this from a middle infielder with the Braves. You don’t expect them from second baseman Dan Uggla. Uggla managing to catch the liner is one thing, but managing to flip the ball over to Andrelton Simmons at short is a whole new animal.

April 15th, Rockies vs Padres – two for Tulo.

You know what, the first play here isn’t all that special. But the second, where Troy Tulowitzki fields a deflected ball on the right side of second base? Yeah…that’s OK. Not only did it take his incredible range, it also took some incredible concentration.

April 16th, Pirates vs Reds – Jose Tabata gives it his all.

What a play by Jose Tabata – it’s very similar to the Ichiro catch from earlier, except for the fact that Tabata actually had to leave the game after slamming into the wall. There was no immediate word on his condition.

April 16th, Rockies vs Padres – Arenado saves a run.

This ball looked ticketed for the left field corner and at least one run. But Nolan Arenado had something to say about that, laying out in foul territory to take a hit away from Xavier Nady and keep the Rockies in this one.

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