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The best defensive plays for the week ending August 5th

The great defense got jacked up to another level this week. Some of these plays…man, I’m speechless.
July 30th and 31st, Angels vs Orioles – Manny Machado’s got a cannon.

Manny Machado is great at defense. Even if Albert Pujols is much slower in his older age, these throws in back to back games by Machado were just gross.

July 31st, Braves vs Dodgers – Dee Gordon lays out.

This play by Dee Gordon was gross – barehanded, going airborne, parallel to the grass…man. He did it all.

August 1st, Yankees vs Red Sox – Mookie time.

Reminder: Mookie Betts is a converted infielder, just like Brock Holt. He shouldn’t be making gross catches like this.

August 2nd, Blue Jays vs Astros – Robbie Grossman, public enemy number one.

This was a great catch by Grossman to rob Juan Francisco of a home run, but nobody told Robbie Grossman the number one rule to get onto my most-hated list – don’t rob Juan Francisco of home runs.

August 2nd, Blue Jays vs Astros – Hoes in the crowd!

Sorry for the terrible joke, but it was necessary. L.J. Hoes had to contend with the ballboy *and* the crowd to make this catch. Good job, good effort.

August 4th, Tigers vs Yankees – Ezequiel Carrera saves a couple of runs.

Bases loaded, none out…if Carrera doesn’t make this catch, three runs score. Instead, just one run did on the sac fly. The Tigers still lost, but this was huge.

August 5th, Tigers vs Yankees – Brendan Ryan stays focused.

We’re seeing a lot of plays this like, where a player bobbles a ball and then snags it with his bare hand. But I’m not going to chide Ryan for this one – J.D. Martinez hit this ball on a line at him.

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